About Us
First Financial Equity Corporation is committed to providing individuals, families, institutions and corporations with effective, timely advice. Being a full service brokerage firm, we have a nonproprietary list of investment options for our clients depending on their income needs and risk tolerance in today’s volatile markets. We believe our success is related to belief in our guiding principles of integrity, knowledge, innovation, and trust.

We will maintain the highest level of clear, honest, and realistic communication with our clients. All of our recommendations are made with our clients' best interests in mind.

We pledge an ongoing commitment to be informed on economic, portfolio asset allocation, investment planning, and individual stock issues. We have the ability to combine our knowledge with other professionals to develop plans and ideas for the benefit of our clients.

Our ability to develop unique solutions to meet our clients' needs is paramount in our day-to-day decision-making. Whether it is our online account viewing, our team-based approach, or our on-site trading room, it is our goal to continue being a leader in offering new services.

Trust refers to our commitment to conduct ourselves in a manner that is commendable and deserving of our clients' confidence. The matters that are discussed with our clients are very personal in nature and, as such, require a great degree of discretion. We are committed to winning everyone's trust and confidence.

Our clients have trusted us to provide them with the information to help them accumulate, preserve, and distribute wealth. Wouldn't you enjoy valuable information from a top tier group of professionals?

We invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation. Contact Us at (480) 951-0079, (800) 687-3800.