Tucson La Paloma, Arizona

First Financial Equity Corporation is committed to providing individuals and corporations with effective, timely advice. Being a full service brokerage firm, we have a select group of brokers, with whom we can advise companies on retirement plans, capital structure, and financial needs. We believe our success is related to belief in our guiding principles of integrity, knowledge, innovation, and trust.


La Paloma Corporate Center
3573 E. Sunrise Drive, Suite 133
Tucson, AZ 85718
(866) 244-8700 | (520) 777-2400

The Best of the Best

Advisors in Tucson La Paloma

Janet Baker, CFP®, CDFA™
Financial Advisor
Lyle A. Deo
Vice President - Investments
Laurence Goldstein
Vice President - Investments
lgoldstein@ffec.com (520) 777-2406
David Keefe
Vice President - Investments
dkeefe@ffec.com (520) 777-2404
John Simonson
Managing Partner
Theodore (Teddy) Simonson
Financial Advisor
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