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Kirstin Chavez is an internationally renowned classical singer who has traveled around the world to perform in some of the most prestigious opera houses and concert halls of the world. In 2016, Kirstin became Artist in Residence at the University of Utah where she teaches young singers the art of classical singing and also prepares them to build their own successful entrepreneurial businesses as freelance performers. For many years, Kirstin has given classes and lectures on personal finance, geared particularly toward young, professional performers, and in 2020, Kirstin decided to make the arrangement official, opening up shop with ArtFX Financial Planning to service clients around the country.

Having spent 18 years as a freelance performing artist, she saw, firsthand, how critically important a working knowledge of personal finance was for freelancers balancing uncertain income streams and uncertain employment from one moment to the next. So, she decided to continue the studies she embarked on before her performing career so that she could position herself as a trusted advisor to freelancers, artists, and self-employed individuals, giving them the information and confidence they need to build their life dreams.

Reach out today and see how Kirstin can help you to set your financial house in order and prepare for your future financial independence!

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